April 18, 2010

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Style hunter
Dear Stardoll fashionistas! 
I am superpurplegirl (Lola) and I am YOUR new fashion writer for this blog! ! I love this seasons style! The indie rock ‘n’ roll retro style is a total must! On Stardoll they have made a “greener Pastures” range which includes lots of retro pieces e.g. this season’s style. I am hoping that Stardoll will release a indie rock range soon so that all you Stardolliens are smack bang on the latest trends (but it’s alright to be unique)! Not a clue how to look retro-indie-rock? Well, let me help you with that! 
To pick up this style you use things like scarf headbands, elastic thin head bands, braided headbands, tribal print bangles and big necklaces but that would only cover your medoll on the accessory side of things. To cover the main side of things you would need things like leather jackets, printed tights, angle boots, brown normal length boots, fringe boots, lace Madonna tights (don’t think stardoll has them thought), faded of browny or ready type singlets, black or faded skinny jeans, retro printed bags, plane pearl earrings and I think you get the point! So, theres you style fix from me for this week! 
XOXO your one and only weekly lollymollygoo .blogspot.com fashion teacher, superpurplegirl (Lola)
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