April 5, 2010


So they have this brand new great thing where ever you spend 15 dollars you get a gift and if you spend more you get twice the gifts. The problem is some of the things are really ugly and stardoll gives you two of them if you spend a lot of money luckily if you are a superstar you can sell them all in your starbazzar for 1 stardollar because the people who can't pay 15 stardollars are looking for the gifts in starbazzars. Some things you get are a geo print dress, cat smile tee, blue cutout dress, a purple and black dress and a few interior things like a chair and little signs. Some people are getting a interior room which is really nice, I have been trying to spend money so I could get it but I never seem to get it, I always get lots of the same gifts. This is my first time blogging so please be nice. 

Love Purplesparkles xxx

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