June 29, 2010

Sales and updates

Here is what I want you to write on the blog for me (since my dum computer isn't working!!!!) so here it is:
Hey everybody, of course it is me purplesparkles!
Have you seen that Stardoll has been having heaps of sales in the star plaza! But the brand new shops they have (the tributes) are amazing! But the pieces of clothing aren't normal clothes that you would wear and they are seriously expensive!!! What do you think about the brand new tributes? (and the SP sales which come a lot now days).

Love Purplesparkles xxx

P.S Sorry I haven't been posting for a while, my dum computer still isn't working when I thought I got it fixed. lollymollygoo is going to write some of the posts for me. She is so super sweet and helpful!!!!

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