July 25, 2010

New Writer!!

Hello guys I am Whiteicefairy or you can call me Isabella! Well here I will post everything that has to do with stardoll! The owner of this blog is a wonderful and very nice girl. Add her and me and dont forget to vote. Her name on stardoll is LollyMollyGoo and mine is Whiteicefairy!
So please if you can follow the blog and comment would be great and very appreciated! But first there are a couple of things to know about me and here they are...

1) Dont ask for any personal information because I will not answer I have been asked alot for my Pass and where I live and I dont want to be rude but if I have to block you from doing that I will

2)I am very active and am very responsible with the blogs I work for!

3) I love writing and if you want me to write for your blog just ask me and I will reply as soon as I can

4) I love twilight and Stardoll I am just so addicted!

5) I like to enter contests and help people out so if you have anything you need help with or you want me to join your comp please message me!

Well thats pretty much it I hope you like my writing and this blog!


1 comment:

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