August 1, 2010

Stardoll for the wealthy?

Hey everyone! Well I think I'm getting a little tired of seeing everything overpriced. I mean you can't buy one outfit without spending over 50sd. That's ridiculous. I don't want to quit stardoll and neither do a lot of other people but I'm getting tired of it! Starplaza is expensiveplaza now and stardoll seems to think that's ok. Well excuse me turkey heads it's not! Greedy isn't even close to what stardoll is now! Basically it's a just a huge market. Barely anything is for non-superstars and when it is it's way past expensive. Like are we made of gold? No we are humans and stardoll should treat us like kids not credit card-owning adults! I don't know maybe the "economy" has something to do with it but why should we have to be in all the jamble? Like we go on stardoll to have fun not to shred our money! But hey we are little kids that don't know what they want to the stardoll staff. Well I for one know what I want and it is to have fun, meet people, and show off my style! Not be treated like I have gold in my backyard!

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