August 16, 2010

Fashion update - superpurplegirl


SHE is a fshionista, always fashionable, lollmymollygoo is where fashion starts but never end, want to read more about her awesome stardoll fashion sense? Well read on!

Lollymollygoo, what comes to mind when you say that? hmmmm..... maybe lolly goo? Well, not for a lot of people. Too alot of people lollymollygoo means fashion and style.
Well, lets talk about her makeup, why dont we?????
soooo, how bout its perfect? Nahhhh, glamorous might be the word or, hmmmm, I dont know its just really good. The eyeshadow is applied perfectly and the lip gloss matches it amazingly!
Now, the jewelry, the neclace matches the outfit great! The head band and the earing, where do I start?????
Perfect. Perfect. Perfect. Thats all I'm managing to write!!
Now, my fave part!
It is the best!
Everything matches, the top look so cute with the skirt and the fishnet tights look great (and seem to be what shes wearing all the time!).

So, thats all from me for now!
xxxx superpurplegirl

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