August 30, 2010

Hello everyone! It's Yeshcas here and I am gonna talk about the graphics you probably realized right above. Those we made 1000% by me and it took all day that's why I didn't make this earlier. Depending on where you live you might be wondering why make an article this late but I am keeping my word with new posts everyday!
OK so I was fooling around on pixlr and I decided why not try to make some graphics. Being the horrible graphic-maker I am I thought it was a waste but hours of working paid off! I'm not saying they are perfect but I haven't made anything like them.
brown graphic- it's like a photo shoot kinda of thing.
animal print graphic- that my friends took the longest. For two reason: I had to get the hair from another site,crop it,put it on my medoll,crop my medoll, get an animal print off of gooogle, make that look good, then crop my medoll again. Then I had to make my medoll look good like the nose,neck bones, etc.

I am planning to make one with lollymollygoo(owner&writer) on it instead of me but that's another time. Maybe she won't even like it so I got to show it to her first. I sent her the link but she hasn't replied yet. Haha maybe I'll be your new graphic designer! Not happening -.-

Now on to my second promise. Outfits everyday! I made this and a lot of other outfits yesterday and I'm happy I did because I'll be scarred for a long time from those graphics.Ok I was amazed to find out it only cost 37sd. If you like it please comment!
I'll be making more non-ss outfits because superstars shouldn't only have the cute outfits and I'm non-ss now and I want to see what I can make from non-ss stuff. :)
Another thing I'll be doing is like showing you something that's a superstar item and something that is a non-ss item and showing how you can get things so similar to ss items being non ss. Also like LE stuff to cheaper stuff and things like that.
bye bye for now!

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  1. wow thats amazing you can make that your writer grafic if you like
    xoxo lollymollygoo