August 25, 2010


OK so a lot of weird things have been going on with the hot-buys these days. Like hot-buys don't disappear! That's good but I mean...Not normal. Oh and a hot-buy from last month is on sale for 4sd! So don't miss out on that because it was originally 8sd. That's one of the hot-buys that doesn't go after a certain time. Also am I the only one that hears the Moxie Teenz song when I go to starplaza? Like I'm not even in the store and hear it. Maybe it's only me. But comment cause I feel like I'm going insane! OK so another hot-buy mishap! I went to starplaza and the hot-buys grey skirt just came out! Not only did one come out for 15sd but another for 10sd! Don't miss the cheap one because stardoll always finds out and being the greedy people they are they are going to take it away! Darn you stardoll! Don't believe me? Well when you have to pay 5 more sd don't ask me to buy from your bazaar! Here's a picture anyway:
Hurry and get the lower one! I would say cheaper but even the 10sd one is still considered expensive!
Bye bye for now!

Oh and P.S we need a graphic designer! I mean come on people! Tell your friends,cousins,mom,dad,aunts,uncle,cats,dogs, and hippos! Some graphic designer needs a job and we've got one for you!

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