August 31, 2010

I told you LE!
Haha it's out! Hurry go go go! The clothes are ok...They are cute but not as good as last season's. Hurry because it's LE and half of it will be gone by tomorrow! Actually scratch what I said about how it looks. The clothes are gorgeous! Remember everybody that's my personal opinion! I'm the critic :D
There isn't even a second page though. The clothes aren't as expensive as last season's also so that's a plus!
On to those graphics! The owner likes them! I am going to make the one with me on it my official banner :D We're getting a new graphic from alicecullen soon. Hope it's awesome :D

Outfits everyday! Here is today's outfit:Focus on the top three items and the headband which is from Sunny Bunny, is non-ss, and costs 5sd. Simple but not too simple. The repetitive midnight last right/left/lower is just how I made the eyes look like that. Don't worry about that.

Bye bye for now!

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