August 27, 2010

New LE
Trust me LE is coming out soon! I am not the person to be doing spoilers but I just have to say. Start saving your money because Antidote is almost sold out and it only takes weeks after that before LE comes out. Come back everyday to get a sneek peek when anyone has them =D I'm a fashion writer but I know that we will have LE spoilers. I always tell people when Antidote comes out to save your cash because...LE will be out soon. The only thing I don't like is instead of having "members who just signed in" it'll be "owners of LE". Like dang stardoll don't have to shove it in my face! Non-ss people are actually lucky because NO ONE ANNOYS THEM ABOUT SALES! Ok I'm getting off the topic but here are 3 tips to get you ready for LE:
1. Save your money
2. Resist new clothes
3. Have really cheap sales
The thing about sales is that no one really wants to sell the stuff so they price it at ridiculous prices! If you wanna sell it then price it at something that might be...I don't know...BOUGHT?!
Bye bye for now =D New posts everyday on belle-stardoll

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  1. Ha ha thankyou yea I also have a feeling that the LE will be out soon I'm predicting september 15th I have been saving for ages alough I'm a shopaholic so i have spent most of it xD