August 20, 2010

Over for original club

I think it is over for the orginal club,
many of you may not know but today 2 hours ago robin (owner of OC)
began banning and reporting members for giving makeovers I was one of thoses members alough i di dnot do makeovers or anythign like that I was one of the people who got banned for no reason robin had taken it really far and had also reported me for bad lanuage I had used none of that members who made the Oc what is is today have been banned and reported from the original club including cute_babe_506 and her other account I think robin is an idiot for first of banning members and secound of all not un-banning. Many members have also left for Fashionista I think robin deserves what he gets which is alot less members of his club  and possibly getting delted.
xoxo lollymolllygoo

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