September 4, 2010

100,000,000 members
I was on stardoll(DUH) and I just happened to look at the member counts thingy. OK wow! We are so close to 100,000,000 members! The thing is that like half of those accounts are fake accounts,accounts that haven't been used in months, or accounts that are deleted right after the free trial of ss. I just gave you a money tip! Did ya get it? Long story short only a portion of those "members" log in daily...Or at all! I think it's unfair that some accounts haven't been used for like 17 months and they haven't gotten deleted yet. But when I don't use my accounts for more than 4 months stardoll deletes that. -.- Fudgers.
Outfit of the day:Tell me what you think! Oh and with the hot buys shoes like there are two of them and one costs six and the other costs 8 so hurry and get the cheaper one before stardoll finds out! Here's the proof:Hurry!

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