September 28, 2010

Best Suite And Medoll Of The Day 28/9/10

Hello Everybody! And Yes It Is That Time Again. Time To Find The Best Suite And Medoll Of The Day!

Here Is The Best Medoll! Her Name Is: Findurlove!

Here Is A Picture Of Her Medoll------------->>>--------------->>>
I Just LOVE The Eyes!
And Now Here Is The Best Suite Of The Day. Her Name Is: maddy65
Her Suite Is Truely Unique! I Especially Like The Room O The 4th Floor To The Left! It's Very Eerie But Cozy! And You Can Visit Her On:
Thanks Everyone! And Remember; Leave Your Awesome Comments! I Would Especially Like To Thank Everyone That Comments On Not Just My Post's, But Everyones In General!
Love Larue xoxoxoxoxox Till next time!


  1. Yay! Go Maddy! :D Lol. this blog is magnifique! :D


  2. i lovee her mouthh its amazingg <3 xx