September 27, 2010

Best suite and medoll of the day!

Hey Everybody! It's Me Again With The 'Medoll And Suite Of The Day"! So Here Is My 'Suite of the week'!

Her Name Is: momijigal911. Her Suite Is Truely Awesome! I Would Like To Point Out My Favourite Room In Her Suite, It's On The 1st Floor To The Left! The Room Is Just So Elegant And Relaxing! If You Would Like To Visit Her Page Click Here ----------->

My 'Medoll Of The Week' Is: glamour-black. Her Medoll Is Very Origional! I Love It! It Kind Of Looks Like A Mixture Of A Cat And A Human! Here Is Her Picture And If You Would Like To Visit Her, Click Here: .
Thanks Everyone And Remember To Leave Your Juicy Comments!
Love Larue xoxoxoxoxo

1 comment:

  1. Thank You Thank You Belle-Stardoll!! I Love You So Much For This! I Can't Thank Enough! Love You All Girlies xx