September 9, 2010

Criticized! w/ Yeshcas

Hey everybody! Your chicka Yeshcas here to write you another Critized! article =) First off I went to my suite and realized Callie.Stardoll visited my suite! Thinking I had just won something I check all over stardoll for my name! Then I check my mail. I had entered the Miss Stardoll World thing and they came to check out my suite...Callie.Stardoll came to check out my suite. That confirmed two things: I didn't win anything and I don't have a chance in winning Miss Stardoll World. My suite is under-going a massive makeover so it's totally empty and all the rooms are locked. Hey maybe I might win! Haha.

On to stardoll fashion/shopping! Can't wait for the Mortal Kiss clothes to come out! They are awesome and I know they'll be for superstars but I still want to see them!

THIS JUST IN: Voile's hotbuys dress just came out!

I'm not the only one that wants to see them =) Speaking of clothes! What one dress that from Pretty n Pink and literally always on the popular items list? Flower Print Tube Dress! I have to admit it's pretty darn cute! Really cheap! Hey I might even buy two!

Here's are items I think will be considered rare in late 2011:
Item Brand
ShinyTunic Stardoll
R&B Diva Dress Viole
Forest Fair Dress Viole

I honestly don't get how some items become rare! Like that Ashley Dress from Stardoll. That is so plain! People pay hundreds for it though! DKNY and MKA are the only things I would pay hundreds for.

Bye bye for now!
(any spelling errors idc because we are only human :])

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