September 12, 2010

Critized! w/ Yeshcas

Hey everyone! What's up? OK so I saw the new clothes from the brand Folk and I think they are butt ugly! That necklace looks like a chain of mini pizzas! The Printed Wedge Shoes look like a fishing net and the Faux Socks Heels look like a animal from a jungle made the shoes. The dresses look like someone threw up a box of earth tone candy! I feel like slapping Stardoll upside the head for even thinking of putting those in stores! Ugly, ugly, ugly, ugly, and um UGLY!

Now onto the pretty clothes :) The new RIO yellow shoes are really pretty :) Can be used for so many things! They look like something that Lady Gaga would wear. Very pretty. That's a good deal!

Live chat with Burnham? They are so cute! Not like boyfriend cute just like baby cute. I could use a chat with them :) Indiana boys aren't so cute :P Anyways don't miss that!

OK so I went checked what the hottest designs were and one of my fave designers was #1! I was happy :) Then I saw what the members of stardoll voted 2nd most.

OMG stardoll! That's so simple. God I swear some members are blind to good fashion. Stupidos! My baby cousin could make that crap!

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