September 27, 2010

The hottest designer!

Hello everyone! So I checked out the contest&events tab and I realized how awesome No.1.sweety is doing with her designs! Like first it was keira-v, and, honestly, I don't think her's beat No.1.sweety's. But they're still good, don't get me wrong!

OK so she makes these beyond awesome designs like Mickey Mouse, Jerry(from the classic cartoon Tom&jerry), and way more! I honestly think orange008's designs are so simple and they look like childish. I am just being real with ya. If you see her new design that's #5 in the hottest designs list you'll see that even the noobiest noob can make that. Nothing unique to her designs and nothing special. Point blank.

I also think the best designers and the veteran ones are keira-v, Mant__*, RAMZESIK205, martini1966, stemarnette, KWCat, joanne1305, and dapao. Not only because their on the Most Popular Designers list, but they have a unique thing to their designs that once you see a from them you just know who did it.


  1. I Also Like Kathat0 She Doesn't Make Clothes, She Does Wonderful Artist Work From Picasso And Van Gogh They Are So Good!
    And For Twilight Fans paulina_xxx Is Amazing With Faces! They Are Both Unrecogniesd For Their Talents :( xx