September 10, 2010

Huge Lola dog!

Hey everyone! 2nd post for the day by Yeshcas =) OK so I went into suite shop and I saw a non-ss and cheaper Lola dog. If you go into pet shop on the first page you'll see the new Lola and if you go to the second you will see the first, superstar item, and more expensive Lola the dog. Ha ha but here's the funny part...At least to me! OK so if you click on the second Lola, the one for 4sd. You'll notice she's like....HUGE! It made me laugh so hard and I just needed to share it with you guys =D I don't know if you can make her any smaller but if your non-ss and want that Lola so bad! It's only one day of play&earn money away :)

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