September 23, 2010

I have a complaint :P

In "real life" I have a major eyeliner addiction. I love it so much. But in stardoll, the area in which you can put eyeliner is limited, and it's doing my head in! I wish that there were no "lines" in which the make-up has to stay between, because then we'd see a lot more different and creative dolls, with lipstick as eyeshadow and instead of mole art eyeliner art. Some wishes do come true, but I have a feeling this one never will :P So let me know if there's anything you want me to post on, whether it's about make-up in cyber space or on your very own dressing table :)
Coai Dolls,
Lu ~xO Y

p.s.( add me, miisylucy)


  1. ^^ I Think Your Soo Right Hunn, I Love The Make-Up But You Can't Exactly Use It How You Want, Like In Real Life You Can Put Eye Liner Where ever You Want But On SD You Get Like A Tiny Bit That You Can Actually Use.. It Sucks Bad :( xx