September 25, 2010

If I had the money . . .

this would be my doll ^^
I am totally loving nude makeup at the moment and I thought I'd play around with the Luxe shades, although I still wouldn't spend that much on them. I mean, look at the cost of the whole look: $114! And I owned some of the stuff I used. Anyway that's enough of me ranting about costs :P Does anyone else think my medoll looks a bit like Mariah Carey? lol maybe it's just me
Caoi Dolls,
Lu ~xO


  1. I totally agree with you! Nude is in! Extreme makeup and that black&white eye makeup stuff is extremely over-used. I'm wearing it now but that doesn't change the fact that it is over-used. Your posts on makeup have really inspired my new looks (: I also think Luxe is way to expensive! How hard is it to put some sparkles in the eye-shadows and lipsticks that it has to costs so much? Not only is makeup getting expensive but accessories and clothes.

  2. Yeah! You should have seen the look on my face ages ago when the red hotbuys coat came out; $24! I actually growled at the laptop lol

  3. I Love The Look! Nude Colours Are So You! They Make Up Looking Stunning Hunn, As *yeshcas* Said Your Look Inspires Me To Go Adventurous And Try New Looks Rather Than The Usual One I Have. Over Used Black & White Make-Up... Definitely (Eep I'm One Of Them :L)But Luxe Is Over Rated And Way Way Over Priced If It Was Maybe 10sd I Would HAve The Whole Shop By Now But No.. It's 22sd For A Flipping Eyeshadow With Sparkles In. I Mean In Real Life No One Would But Eyeshadow Costing £22 That I Know, That Would Just Be Ridiculous! And Again *yeshcas* You're Right Clothes Are The Most Pricey I've Seen In Ages... So What If It's Dior Or Valentino People Pay Real Money For A Virtual Outfit! It's A Rip Off! xx

  4. wow i love it so much more posting xD