September 28, 2010


I thought it would be most appropriate to write about our gorgeous owner of Belle Stardoll, Lollymollygoo. I would honestly marry her Doll, you know, if it wasn't 2D. Her makeup is original, without being overthetop crazy horrible. Firstly, the shape of her eyes are different, and I have to admit I tried to use these eyes, and failed. But she pulls it off fantastically. I think, I can't be sure that she has used the same Shade stick as me, but it just goes to show how versatile the makeup can be, put in the right hands. Once again, rocking the nude lips with the luxe lipgloss, the peony blush stick, mole art, and gorgeous liquid eyeliner. Overall TEN on the makeup front from me :)

Thing I'm Loving of the day: the starpoints side plait hair style

Caoi Dolls,
Lu ~xO


  1. True. Those eyes require a magic hand! Which Lolly has :D Some looks make the eyes look like your going cross-eyed and some make them look like paper thin!

  2. "pulls it off fantastically" is an understatement for thiss gorgeyy girl more like " gosh this girlss beautifull! shes too good for that make upp!"