September 24, 2010

Luxe: Worth the money?

Luxe makeup is admittedly fab, but it is worth the big bucks you have to spend? The colors aren't really that great, and they need several coats to make it a decent strong color. I have the blue eyeshadow, and the lipgloss, and to be honest, I feel the eyeshadow was a bit of waste of money. I don't use it anymore, and would kill to have the money I spent on it back. However, I ADORE the lipgloss, it looks gorgeous on nude lips, and doesn't do the same sparkle thing that the lipsticks do. It's something I use every time I re-do my medoll. It's a must buy, so get it before Stardoll goes all crazy again and deletes all its shops :P I wish it would stop doing that, GROWL lol.
Caoi Dolls,
Lu ~xO Y


    Well When I Upgraded For
    Superstar DOT Didnt Have Like
    The Lipstick I Bought LUXE And
    I SWEAR I've Been Wondering About
    My LUXE And How I Would Kill To Get
    ALL My Money Back(:
    But The Lipgloss Is FABULOUS.

  2. It's Not Worth The Money It's Sold For, Basically It Is Eyeshadow That Sparkles, Ok it Is Gorgeous But Why Couldn't They Do That With Dot Make-Up Which To Me Is A Pretty Good Price. I Have Bought Many Luxe, I Have Some Nice Colours Too But I Know It's Not Worth What I Spent, I Think It's 174 sd I Spent On Luxe Alone. Sad Isn't It :( I Don't Use It Much Either, I'd Rather Use Normal Eyeshadow Because I Prefer it Now. I However, Do Definitely LOVE The Lig Gloss Too <3 xx