September 11, 2010

Makeup in dressing room?

Is it only me or does your makeup still show when your in the dressing room? Like when you first enter you usually aren't wearing makeup. But today I went to starplaza and I opened up the dressing room and my makeup was still there. Hmmmmm that's weird? I hope other people have noticed it too or else I'll feel like a doodoo head :D NOTICE that I didn't say,"...have the same problem," because it's not a problem. I actually kind of like it!

Any spelling/grammar/sentencing errors won't be fixed because we are only...Human :)


  1. yeah I saw that.. lol wierd

  2. Yeah i noticed too! I prefer it this way though :)

  3. Zoe/MissPoppie19829/12/10, 8:45 AM

    I saw that! It's cool. ♥

  4. same problem
    in contest