September 26, 2010

New Doll and New Ideas

I'll probably change the hair, but
whatever. I finally got round to using my plum colored shade stick eh. Any opinions?

Ok, seeings as stardoll is neglecting us by not putting up any new makeup, I decided I'm going to write about a particular Doll's makeup everyday. I'm completely welcome to suggestions, and I hope to do a segment on all the writers here at Belle Stardoll :)

Thing I'm Loving of the day: L'Occtaine La Provence Blush Stick in Pivoine Peony

Caoi Dolls,
Lu ~xO


  1. OMG!! I Think It Completely Suits You! And The Hair Hunn Is Amazing -- Totally Ties The Whole Look Together! If You Get Round To Looking At People's Make Up, Could You Look At Mine? My Stardoll Username Is momijigal911. Thankies xx

  2. haha(: I absolutly love that blush stick(:

  3. Momijigal911 . . I'll check out your suite yeah :)