September 3, 2010

New Otto
Yay! New OTTO is out and I'm so happy because the stuff are really cute and there are cute stuff for non-superstars! I know I'm late on the post but I was grounded so I couldn't make one yesterday! Sorry!
The outfit above is today's outfit. Cheap, non-ss, and pretty! Sorry my face looks UGH! My medoll has on no makeup to she's not a pretty as she can be. Yea so the total price is 37sd as shown and I think that's pretty affordable. Just save up and you can get that in no time!

Stardoll is being a bit less cheap and now non-superstars have one extra room. Ain't that great y'all? I still what the other rooms though! One extra room is still something :)

I new LE would get more clothes! They should have just done it as one instead of separating it like that. The clothes are really cute and I think their better that last season's.

My post is not spoilers! That's why everything is probably already on other stardoll blogs.

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