September 26, 2010

New writer banner/ comaprisons

Hello everyone! Like my new banner? I do... A lot! OK so I am so happy yo invite our new writers! That just makes the blog that much better. Thank you (:
OK so on to the comparison of the day:

On the left we have the Red Quilted Purse from Bisou, and on the right we have the Quilted purse from Bisou also. Now the only difference is that the one on the right is a bit darker and longer, also it doesn't go over your shoulder, but the biggest difference is that it's 2 sd more and it's a ss-item. So just to be reasonable I think buying the one on the left is much better!


  1. You Know Hunn, You Are So Right! I Bought The Cheaper One And Now I Realised There's Too, I'm Just Glad I Didn't Go Buying The Other One! Stardoll's Gone Weird... Loads Of Glitches And The Same Items But With Different Prices. xx

  2. haha i love the new banner xD