September 25, 2010

OMG! Double G's

Hello everyone! OK so I was just browsing around and I decided that I am gonna check out belle-stardoll. I honestly did not recognize the site! I thought someone stole our name! Then I cracked up :) Our new banner is awesome and so is our background and cursor. If that doesn't make you want to follow us then I don't know what will :P

Moving on the Miss Belle-stardoll Contest. Why did so many people reply and enter the contest and no one commented on the first round post? Yes I know many checked out the club on stardoll but I would like to see some comments on the First Task post. Thanks *

Haha so I went to starplaza and I clicked on the new tab and do you know what you roll over the item it shows the name? So I rolled over the new Bisou clothes and it was named like this: jacket, jacket 2, shirt. I was like...Um? It is hilarious (to me!)

Super-star sale is out! They is a sale in Kohls but I wanna know why it's for superstars? I know it 's a SUPERSTAR sale but Kohls is a real brand! So when I go shopping at Kohls do I see a star beside certain items? No! Actually if you haven't been to Kohls you are missing out! It's an awesome store. They have like everything from bedding to clothes, beauty products, and home decor. It's not like a cheap Walmart. It's meant to be a clothes store but they added other things.


  1. Ahahaa Lol I've Done That Before At First i Thought *Oops Wrong Blog O_o* Then I Type It In Again And I Think * Wow What A Lush New Look!* xx

  2. haha thankyou i spent all of saturday fixing the blog