September 11, 2010

Shade Sticks . .

. . . work wonders eh? I love them myself :D They really do what they say on the label, SHADE. I have two, a brown and a plum one. I love the brown with yellow eyeshadow, it really makes it looks like the light is bouncing off your eyelids. The plum one is a gorgeous sophisticated, sexy shade, but I havn't gotten round to using it yet, as I got my black eyeshadow at the same time. I'll let you know when I do :) If I were you, I'd consider getting one, or at least playing around with some in the changing rooms. They're more expensive then the eyeshadow, so choose wisely ;)
Caoi Dolls,
Lu ~xOY

p.s( any thing in particular you want me to write about?)

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