September 18, 2010

Spoilers review

Thanks to Skyler we have the latest on spoilers! Check them out and comment there and here! Some of the clothes are cute but other are just ravishing! Finally stardoll is turning in the right direction with cute clothes! My money was burning a hole on my profile. Planning on buying any? I am if they are non-ss things. Hopefully there will be!
On to outfits! OK so I honestly don't get why people say non-ss people don't have any clothes to really make a cute outfit! They have tons of non-ss cute clothes. It's just how you wear em. DUH! I think some newbs are giving non-ss the wrong impression. No offense. But really I made this butt cute outfit which I won't show you because I want it for myself...FINE I'll show you. But I won't show the checkout list...
Not trying to brag but hey that's pretty cute! The price isn't cute though. 90-110 sd. Yea I know unless you save A LOT then you'll be able to afford it. That's why being a non-ss is kinda boring but I mean at least you have something to be excited for =D Comment telling me what you think! =D I really wanna know!