September 28, 2010

Top Commenter! New store!

Hello everyone! Yeshcas here (DUH!), and I am going to announce the top commenter on belle-stardoll at the moment.....*drum roll*..... Momijigal911! She comments on mostly everything so I want to thank you for commenting =D You're awesome for that!
OK so I was in starplaza and I saw the new store! Sanrio Friends is the place to shop because not only are the clothes beyond cute and totally Hello Kitty, but almost everything is non-ss and like worth one day on play and earn money! The store is sponsoring Target(a grocery store in some countries), so that means, of I think it means, it won't be here for long. The reason must be because that's where stardoll cards are almost always available =D Check it out and buy something!
I made some banners for all the writers and stuff too. You can make them yourself and personalize it by downloading the program in this link: Then on the page that comes on the bottom left there will be a Office Home and Student 2010 program to download. Click on Try it Now. All you have to do is like just make an account with fake or real information then...You can figure it out yourself from there =D Oh and just put United States for your country =) Easier I guess.
Bye bye for now!


  1. cooli am about to check out the store now, Target in Australiais a cheap cloithing store likeK-mart and big W lol

  2. Aww.. thankiess ily this blogg rockss my sockss!! xx