October 12, 2010

Getting re-un active here so..

As you may know it has gottern a lot less active so i will become more dedecated to this blog now I will now be the news writer and write about the news and i will also do fashion picks because i am already doing them for 2 other blogs so it is just easier if i do it here also. I am also looking for some more writers bascilly I need A free iteam writer and a hotbuys writer so if you know anyone who is interested or if you are interested tell me yea lol i will post my first fashion picks today or tommorow yea
xx Abbey


  1. okk so you have the blog's club on stardoll and you have 240 + members and yet on your actual blog you only have 66. ask around the club. see who is a follower and isnt. maybe that might help :D