October 14, 2010

Hotbuys Puff Dress is out ! 14/10/10.

The Cutest Hotbuys Puff Dress ever ! It's out in Starplaza and it's from Voile. The dress costs 15SD , Don't you think it should be 10SD ? Well , I JUST LOVE THE DRESS So much ;DDD . So , If you love the dress.. Click here to buy it ! Here's a pic of stardoll version & Real Life Version , It's the same as the stardoll version and Real Life Version !

Thanks for reading , Oh & Thanks to hotbuysaddicted.blogspot.com for the real - life version picture (:



  1. i love it but im not gonna buy itt tho it wayy to over pricedd even for HB its not worth spending 15sd tbh id preferr like 8-10sd because thinking about it, its only a dress with hot buys in front of it xx

  2. ^^ ooohh good graphicss tho they look the samee in reall and on sd :L xx