October 23, 2010


Hello! Welcome to the 2nd edition of Designer of the Week!
This week's lucky winner is Kathat0!
I also did a special interview with her for all you readers...
I'm the purple Q: And Kathat0 is the pink A:
Q: What do you like about designing?
A: I find it very relaxing and i can make my fav paintings to be around me in my suite.
Q: What is your favourite design?
A: I used to love to make dresses, however I got tired of making the same old patterns, so I switched to making wall panels that look like famous paintings. Of my designs I love the Italian countryside painting and Georgia O Keefe's.
Q: Any tips for beginners?
A: For beginners I advise not to buy design you make until you are thrilled about it. And practice practice practice.. the first things I made were horrible, but very nice girls on Stardoll showed how to do things better with the program we have.
Q: How do you make such amazing designs?
A: I study art in college and I love it very much. My real home is full of art and so I decide to fill my suite too!
Q: What will do next?
A: I will continue to make famous paintings from real life, and maybe I design some dresses if we get more patterns to use. I often make signs for other Stardolls to use in their suites.
To see any of Kathat0's art
go to her suite on this link --> http://stardoll.com/member/kathat0
May I just add that she is a MSW (Miss Stardoll World) Finalist for the US
If you haven't yet voted and you are from the US vote her!
She also answered soem questions in her blog about MSW so check that out too before you vote.

Well Done Kathat0, You Are This Week's Designer Of The Week!
Next Time On Designer Of The Week...
Ruth-Sechmet an amazing wall panel designer!
~ Megan

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  1. Wow thats really cool and insperation thanx for doing the interview