October 12, 2010

Miss Belle-stardoll ...

Ok about miss belle-stardoll i made this whole thing so confusing so as you may know we are re-starting it but i need some suggestions for the first task so if you have any ideas let me know here or in the club belle-stardoll
xx Abbey


  1. Hmm... how about like a fashion quiz or a task where you have to design an outfit on a piece of paper then post it too tinypicc... i dont knoww ??
    ooh how about like in real pageants theyy askk questions like what do you think about....? maybe you could do like a question inerview with the remaining participants.

  2. You should make a club and use scenery making to your advantage! I was so happy bc the truth is the reason i kept on forgetting about the comp is the first task....wasnt that appealng but im sure if u get into using scenerys and starting small then BUILDING up to the bigger tasks later this comp will definitely be successful if you want not only will i do the first task i will back up ur site 100% by being a sponser. Check out my site stardollsjuciiest.blogspot.com and see :) xxJucii