October 18, 2010

Money Cheat ;)

YOU HAVE TO BE SUPERSTAR. It's not the newest cheat on the block and I know some people already use it but I still feel like I should let you know. Make a fake email (you can delete afterward).All you have to do is make a new account, then just skip all the new member crap (ss video blah blah blah). Then when you get to your suite and it asks for your email just use the fake one you pre-made and verify your account. Then everyday do the play and earn money. Don't spend the 1 sd just the 4sd. (try not to spend cash) Maybe like 5 sd but not like the full 20sd they give you at the beginning). Then you know that money they give with the message that say," Your doing great! Here's some extra cash." Don't spend that! Then on the 3rd day they give you 1 day of superstar membership and 20 extra sd. By this time your Money-Making Account should have atleast 50 stardollars or 60. Go on your regular account (your ss one) and put something useless in your bazaar for like 50sd or 60sd. Then I think it's obvious what to do next :D

  • Don't do this often or stardoll will eventually catch on
  • Don't delete the fake account. Or stardoll will catch on. Let it sit there until stardoll deletes it.
  • Play with the account a little after you get the money so it looks like your a real user
  • Delete the email immediately after you get the cash(safety reasons)


  1. *like* im gunnaa do that xx

  2. it doesn't work, cause the one-day-superstars are not allowed to buy something at the starbazaar.
    you should have tried it before. -.-