October 30, 2010


Helloo are welcome back to Designer of the Week!!! As promised I interview the wonderful and gorgeous Ruth-Sechmet who gave an outstanding interview so hope you enjoy!

Me: What/Who inspired you to design?
Ruth-Sechmet: I wasn't olways designing at StarInterior. I was designing these dresses, then shirts with "cute" prints, later tights...
Let's say the truth, I'm not good at making clothes here and I wasn't selling much. So I've stopped but I didn't wanted to stop designing. Then StarInterior came and I thought "That is MY thing!", then I started to create posters and paintings.

Me: Why Did You Start To Design?
Ruth-Sechmet: Everyone's searching for his own "thing" here, to do something to be "seen", I think. The real beggining of designing started when I tried deigning to get stardollars before 2nd LE (shallow but true *laugh*) short after that I've lost my patterns. One of the most famous and successful designers from Poland out there asked about these ones that were part of my suite. And I came back designing...

Me: For Beginners What Would You Say If They Wanted To Design Like You?
Ruth-Sechmet: First: Do noy copy others! It isn't good seen, and You have nothing to gain as an artist. Second: Keep trying! Look for a new way to express, improve Your style... and if You aren't happy with the results try once more.

Me: What Are You Planning Next?
Ruth-Sechmet: I can't say I've stuck, there's still so much to show... Right now I'm working on my suite. I'm going to make it even better... One by one, I'll do every room again... I'm so bored with my actual apartment.

Me: Do You Want To Design Clothes Or Are You Happy Designing Interior?
Ruth-Sechmet: I don't want to. Like I said before, I'm not good at it. I'm happy with what I'm doing now, but there's one thing that makes me upset: Interior designers aren't getting so much attention as Fashion designers! Best design, list of best designers... have You seen someone who isn't designing clothes? That's just sad.
Thank you too ^^

Well Ruth Sechmet, I totally agree with you, Interior Designers should be more recognised and even get awards! I think Interior sells more than the Fashion Designs as so many people have become Interior, Stardoll time for them to be recognised.. a best Interior Design list... GREAT IDEA!!

Here Is The Link To Her ---> http://www.stardoll.com/member/Ruth-Sechmet

Congratualations! And see you next time on Designer Of The Week!
Megannn xx