October 13, 2010

stardoll royalty - Diamond

AS you may have seen the diamonds, I dont have one but i wish i did this is a picture of me with one for some reason i have one in some peoples friend list anyway, you get this if you are stardoll royalty now stardoll royalty is a club that you get invited into if you have been ss for over 2 years without any gap days if u have a gap day u have to start all over agian and get deleted from the club weird any way its funny because the people who have one hate and the people who dont have one want one,  like me lol any way plz comment bellow xx Abbey

1 comment:

  1. i dontt have itt but i dontt wantt itt if that makes sensee :\ i thinkk itss nice but not for mee pluss its anotherr conn by stardoll sayingg you have to basically be perminent ss to stay in the club. xx