October 6, 2010

Suite and medoll of the week.

Ok guys! It's that time again!

I would just like to say a VERY special thankyoou to all our viewers of my posts! Thanks!

Suite of the week: The suite of the week goes to.........MissGNT12. Congrats! I LOVE all of her rooms! Especially the very top ones! If you would like to visit her, click here-----> www.stardoll.com/member/MissGNT12

Medoll of the week: A twist this week! The winner is, MissGNT12 again! Here is a picture of one of her samples!----->

I love how it looks like an alien (in a good way). It looks like something VERY VERY VERY unique! Excellent!

That's it this week! PLease leave your AWESOME comments!

Love Larue :)