October 30, 2010

Updates,,, :/

Ok... so it's not my usual time or day to be posting but Stardoll's doing more updates... AGAIN! Grrr... :S Not happy. Can't they do it later like at night when all of us a curled up in bed asleep.. when no-one is using it... well the answer to that is NO. But I'm bored and my blog posting is not the highest it could have been so I decided to contirbute more by posting this :) oh well. Still please, please join the Miss Belle Stardoll Comp because the winner could be YOU :D so don't miss out on this fabulous opportunity!!
Ok well.. I'm tired but I might post more in a minute so don't go anywhere!
Megannn xx


  1. haha thankyou you should see the top vists thing i put on yesterday we already have 136 visits from you lol

  2. yes i noticed that actually... i got really bored and i wanted to post something and i kept coming back thinking of things to do and i ended up coming well loads of timess ^_^ xx