November 1, 2010

80 followers, History of the blog

After about 8 months scince i first opened this blog we finally have 80 followers it does'nt seem like much to you guys but it is alot to me check out this picture of when i first opened this blog you can tell how old this is and un-belivibly this was acually my medoll alot has changed scince then and hopefully for the better even stardoll has changed i still can not belive the changes scince then and even worse look at the old banners this blog has acually had 3 names there were lollymollygoo.blogspot that was the first then sd-secrets.blogspot and then belle-stardoll.blogspot which we use now looking at all the old banners e.t.c you can see the revolution this blog has gone through is such a small amount of time its great :)
xx Abbey

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