November 23, 2010

Black Friday Gift-O-Meter

Rubbish! Hello everyone, your news writer Yeshcas coming at ya'. If you were on stardoll in the summer you know the Gift-O-Meter crap. It's ridiculous. Last time you spent 800sd to get a crappy interior! Ridiculous. This time it's the Black Friday Gift-O-Meter. Spend all that cash to get pretty clothes that when the gift-o-meter is gone, in starbazaar the stuff are sold for 2-5sd! So don't waste you time and money. Shop if you wanna shop, do what you wanna do, but I can honestly tell you it's not a good bargain. No matter how awesome it seems. Later you'll by the things for less that quarter of a quarter of a half.


  1. That is so true!

  2. I agree I rather save the whole point of it is so stardoll can get more and more money