November 30, 2010

Hacker story

This Is A Hacker Story Of My Friend. She Doesn't Want To Share Her User
Her Hacker Was Cruel To Her. She Was A Super Star And A Hot Buys Collector. She Had All The Rare Hot Buys And They Were All Sold To People At 2sd. She Lost Everything. All Her DKNY, Elle, HB, LE, Antidote And Rares. When She Got Her Account Back, She Had Lost All Her Friends And She Had To Rebuild Her Stardoll Account. Her Doll Was Pretty Popular And She Had A Good Reputation Which Was Destroyed By Her Hacker. When She Sent Out All The Evidence To Stardoll They Found That Most Of Her Clothes Were Bought By Her Friend (Who She Doesn't Want To Name) And That Made Her Curious So She Asked Her Friend And Admitted That She Had Hacked The Account And Eventually She Got Deleted Because Of Her Massive Misuse Of My Friends Account. Thank You. She Is Grateful For This Opportunity To Share The Dangers Of Hacking And How You Should Watch Out For People On Stardoll.
Megannn xx

Send to me by momijigal ( a writer at belle-stardoll)

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