November 30, 2010

Hacker story

So it all started when i talked to a girl called lelemama_
we had a conversation for a while before she told me that she does presentations 100% hack free.
She told me she does lollymollygoo's presentations and wrote lollymollygoo in her referance list on her presentation. I told her i wasnt sure, i didnt know if i could trust her, an she said i could and almost begged me to give her a chance. So i said ok. Then she told me to choose a presentation in samspages so i picked one and i told her. then she asked me for my password. I gave it to her before i had to go because i had to go to a party. Then late at 10:00 i tryed logging on, thats when i got a email from stardoll telling me that my email and password had been changed an if i wanted to change it back. i clicked on the link and it brought me to my account. Lelemama_ had made my doll as ugly as her doll is and she bought all these gross cushons wasting all my 60 sds. She also blocked me and i never got to tell her how horrable she was stealing my account :(
thats what happened
what i learnt
never ever give out ur password

By Vampireblobfish

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