November 30, 2010

How I almost got hacked - intro into report hackers month

One time about 3 months ago I almost got hacked by a girl called lelemama_ she is a hacker who has hacked many people including my friend vampireblobfish so here is how it started, about 3 months ago I was online it was a weekend I was talking to lelemama_ we were having a normal conversation as a do and i was telling her how i did not know how to make presentations and how so many people have heaps good presentations moments later she told me how to make them i was still having troubles thought so she offered to help me lucky I said no because it involved using my password witch i was not ready to risk so i continued to try after a while i got it, later on that day she asked if she could put me as a reference because she told me how to make presentations so i said yes, weeks passed and again she talked to me and this time she said if a girl asked me if her (lelemama_) was safe i had to tell her that she was so i said yea sure i will because i trusted her at the time, then that girl asked me in my guestbook if she was safe i said yes because i yet did not know the truth.

A few weeks after that my friend vampireblobfish was talking to me on facebook she said she had gotten hacked I then asked who she said lelemama_ i then straight away asked what happened she said she had thought lelemama_ made my presentation i told her she had not and found that lelemama_ had acually been copying my presentation the whole time and i did not notice i then also found out that she had tryed to steal my friends account complete she changed everything the medoll her suite her pass luckily she got her account back by email, That day i found that many people had been hacked by this girl lelemama_, lelemama_ deleted her account because she thought she had mine and she also blocked me as a friend on my friends account and i can now not talk to my friend at all she now has her account back (lelemama_) and yes is still hacking people please report lelemama_  (if she still has a account)

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