November 24, 2010

How to Look Great in Winter! : Christmas and Snow

For Christmas Day:

Army Style Short Jacket 8sd
Draped Mini Dress 8sd
Stretch Jeans 5sd
Black Pleather Platforms 5sd
Total: 26sd

  Normal day out
     Pretty In Pink Puffy Sleeve Frock 14 sd
Fallen Angel Cut Out Tee 10sd
Fallen Angel Black Pantyhose 3sd
Bisou Red Pumps 4sd
Stardoll Red Quilted Purse 5sd 
Total: 36sd

                                                                      New Years Eve

                                                        Bisou Wild Faux Feathers 6sd
                                               Pretty In Pink Vesace Inspired Dress 14sd
                                                      Rio Flower Print PantyHose 6sd
                                                              Bisou Chloe Shoes 6sd
                                                                       Total: 32sd

             Message me if you like my outfits! Made for the wonderful Belle Stardoll by RebeccaWestHam!


  1. I love those looks they are so cute rember to use your banner so we know who you are xx Abbey

  2. Right But I don't have a banner yet lol

  3. Will you make one please? And make sure its the outfit I am wearing today!

  4. (If I have my character on it) lol I forgot to put that!

  5. yea sure sorry i was late to post