November 7, 2010

A little special gift to LollyMollyGoo, (:

Hi ! Hey There , Belle-Stardoll Readers ! I just want to give a little special gift to lollymollygoo because all of the hard work she did 'Banners , Make-up tips , earning followers & Lots of more' I made this graphic picture just for her and Belle - Stardoll , I know it's a bit not successful cause I'm not that good at graphics so yea.. I tried my best just to do it for you guys. I appreciate working here in Belle - Stardoll , I dont need any rewards (: , But , I just want you to know ... I'll try my best working in Belle - Stardoll .

So , Everybody ! Please follow Belle-Stardoll & Comment in our topics ^_^ Thank You (:

Oh ! And btw , if the graphic pic I made it's a big ugly , Please do not comment anything bad , cause it's very mean , If you like it , Thank you very much (:
Click the picture to enlarge for bigger view.

Love , DemiRockz56

1 comment:

  1. aww thankyou that is amazing thankyou you too for being a great writer :) xx