November 5, 2010

National Cover Girl

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Anyway, there's this new Stardoll competition called Nation Cover Girl or NCG. It's a new way to express your countries fashion and styles. GB (Great Britain), that's where i'm from (:L) has pretty style . All I have seen is the same old well fashion with NO expression, I should think a NCG would be way better than regular CG. But I can't say much, I'm not really the CG type of person. Anyway, sounds like a fabulous idea by Stardoll so hopefully it will go right!
Ughh... spoke too soon, Avril Lavigne in for Canada? ... Uhh.. so not everything went well... apperently many people from Canada were pretty upset about a doll being chosen over them.
Anyway, have a great dayy!!
Megannn xx

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