November 7, 2010

Shocking makeup

Ok to be honest this is what i do when i am really really really really bored so i just decided to show you any way this is what I call shocking makeup ok so i will tell you why it is shocking
Number 1 (picture 1) Is shocking because well  no sense of coulors that go well together over doing it with the luxe spending 75sd on ugly makeup come on also has the makup over the eye brows not a good look

Picture 2: Is shocking because too much pink and too much luxe, this is funny because it looks like my sisters medoll which i keep changing but it mysteriously changes back to picture 2 any way too much and too bright

Picture 3: luckly no one on stardoll has this because it is awful it looks like the model had fallen in the bin and then got beatern up for terrible makup first of all too many coulorsall over lapping making a brown makup, to different coulored eyes, too much luxe way too much eye brows a little to dark and yes very very bright lip gloss.

And that is all yea please comment xox Abbey

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