November 13, 2010

Special Message !

Hello Everyone ! This is a special message for belle-stardoll readers ! Hehehe , Anyways. I'm making myself a competition & I'm very excited for it x) So , I made a competition for superstars ONLY ! Because , Superstars can buy hotbuys items , right ? Here is the message pic , please read it carefully ^_^ Click to enlarge the picture so that you can see it clearly.

*Oops ! Not to mention ! I spelled November wrongly ! I wrote Novemeber but it's suppose to be November*

To sign up...
Fill in this form and send it to
Sign Ups are starting from November 13 to 28.

Real Name:
SD Name:
Experiences on Fashion:
Fave Hotbuy Item:
(Question : Do you think you can do it ? even though it's going to be hard?)
[Your Answer : ...... ]

Thanks ! Good luck ! 15 will be in ONLY.

10 Rounds , 5 Winners , 1 Big Prize.

Remember ! This is a note.
Your in it to win it. Good luck Stardollianss . xx (:

- DemiRockz56 .


  1. Real Name: Megan
    SD Name:momijigal911
    Age: 13
    Experiences on Fashion: Hmm.. I don't supposee i have experience but I lovee clothess and dressing up myself and others and I love going to shops and dressing up there too (does that count?)
    Fave Hotbuy Item: I alwayss sayy beltss because the add a touch of style to an outfit.
    Do you think you can do it ? Yes definitely. I'm not confident about it and i'm definitely not OVERconfident but still it's going to be fun and a little bit of a challenge which is great!

  2. Real Name:Rose
    SD Name: boyingtonpowa11
    Experiences on Fashion:I love making clothes!I go Shopping all the time at Aeropostale,Abercrombie and Fitch.
    Fave Hotbuy Item:I love the dresses
    Do you think u can do:Of Course I nowI know it is going to to be hard but I feel confident.

  3. wow cool idea i will advertise it in the blog if you like xx Abbey

  4. Megan and Rose ! Amazing info ! Your both in !