November 7, 2010

The tinypic that changed my medoll forever (in a good way)

Ok so i decided to write about this because everyone had to get some where some how and basically everyone has a story on how they all got there me dolls the way it is so here is mine,
One day about 8 months ago (march to be exact) I was on chat I did'nt have many friends at the time because i had only been on stardoll for 5 months and i had not really done anything to get visits any way i was on chat and a girl talked to me i dont know her name but she was nice she said to me can i give you a tinypic I did'nt know what a tinpic was so she explained the whole thing to me and i said yes she said she would do it on her doll because she wanted to show me what i should do to my medoll so she did it took her about 10 mintutes and then showed me the picture when i saw the picture i was amazed it was the most amazingest thing i had ever seen so i bought the makeup she told me to buy and tryed to do the look my self of course i failed so she said she could do it for me at the first moment i saw my medoll like that i was amazing here is the pictures of the transformation
Before her tinypic                                                          And then after (this is her tinypic she gave me b.t.w)

That was all enjoy b.t.w the girls namewas pretty4ever101

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